• How many cases it was considered impossible before they were implemented.


  • Things to avoid, do not do even in thought.


  • If we have to finish something, assume that nothing has been done.


  • Change your attitude to things that are bothering you, and you will be safe from them.

    Marcus Aurelius

  • It is better to think before you act, than after.


  • It is not enough to have the wisdom to know how to use it.



ZHARNA Consulting NMT is a Kazakh firm rendering its services for accounting and taxes. To perform accounting and tax services more effectively, we provide qualitative services in accordance with our main principles: professionalism, responsibility and close cooperation to a client. We always try to understand the needs of our clients that help us to be useful in their doing business.

Cooperation with ZHARNA Consulting NMT - a stable partnership aimed at the prosperity of your enterprise.

Our team

Our team is well experienced in providing any kind of legal services especially in labor law (including obtaining work permits for foreign specialists, tax registrations), tax advocacy, representation in local government and support during tax audit.  However when our clients need other services supporting business development we do the best to assist them in that. We can register a branch of a foreign company and prepare all required documents in a short time.

We will help you in real time to make the right decision. Save your precious time and money searching for consultants and specialized staff, training, and solve the problem of uneven loading of accountants.  Eliminate dependence on the Chief Accountant (layoff, illness during the reporting period, the incompetence, which is not immediately detected, the unwillingness to take responsibility).
Our clients

Our clients are the most important part of our work and we do the best to assist to the clients in their business!

Focus on the main goal of profit maximizing and on developing your own business by transferring accounting and tax functions to our company.  

We are pleased to invite you to cooperate with us!