• How many cases it was considered impossible before they were implemented.


  • Things to avoid, do not do even in thought.


  • If we have to finish something, assume that nothing has been done.


  • Change your attitude to things that are bothering you, and you will be safe from them.

    Marcus Aurelius

  • It is better to think before you act, than after.


  • It is not enough to have the wisdom to know how to use it.



Financial and accounting outsourcing (book keeping, restoring of book keeping, preparing tax and statistical reports, payroll, and other relevant services);
Legal consulting and legal support in doing business including presenting interests in state authorities (except criminal cases).

Being skilled in accounting and finance we may provide outsourcing of the client’s accounts and other relevant services.

Our company is well experienced in providing of tax clarification,  legal services especially in labor law (including obtaining work permits for foreign specialists, tax registrations), tax advocacy, representation in local government and support during tax audit.  However in case our clients need other services supporting business development we do the best to assist them in that. We may register a branch of a foreign company with preparing all required documents in short time.

Our fee

We are committed to a flexible, open and commercially reasonable approach to fees and recognize the need of clients to control costs.
Evaluating our services we accept the right of the client to discuss fee. And our principle is to provide effective services for reasonable price.
Depending on the type of the services and wishes of the client the basis of payment can be as lump sum as hourly rate fee.

We guarantee strict confidentiality for the Client in respect of any information received for the purposes of the services.