• How many cases it was considered impossible before they were implemented.


  • Things to avoid, do not do even in thought.


  • If we have to finish something, assume that nothing has been done.


  • Change your attitude to things that are bothering you, and you will be safe from them.

    Marcus Aurelius

  • It is better to think before you act, than after.


  • It is not enough to have the wisdom to know how to use it.


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17 march 2014
Property relations between persons engaged in trustee entrepreneurial activities

“Turnkey” accounting

ZHARNA Consulting NMT can perform Chief Accountant function along with the existing accounting department.

Chief accountant functions include:
  • accounting compliance;
  • accounting period clothing;
  • financial statements preparation according to IFS and NSFS;
  • tax management;
  • preparation and submission of tax returns;
  • preparation and submission of statistical reports;
  • development and relevance of the tax policy according to the business specification;
  • accounting process optimisation. 
Accounting and tax outsourcing:
  • book keeping, restoring of book keeping, preparing tax and statistical reports, payroll, and other relevant services;
  • taxes and other mandatory payments calculation;
  • preparation and submission of tax returns to tax state bodies;
  • preparation and submission of statistical reports to authorized bodies;
  • tax registers preparation;
  • negotiation with the state tax bodies on submitted tax returns.