• How many cases it was considered impossible before they were implemented.


  • Things to avoid, do not do even in thought.


  • If we have to finish something, assume that nothing has been done.


  • Change your attitude to things that are bothering you, and you will be safe from them.

    Marcus Aurelius

  • It is better to think before you act, than after.


  • It is not enough to have the wisdom to know how to use it.


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17 march 2014
Property relations between persons engaged in trustee entrepreneurial activities

HR Administration

Preparation of documents required on hiring/termination staff, leave payments, bonuses, incentives, sick leaves, overtimes, financial assistance.
Recording basic data for employees.
Calculation of number of days for unused leave compensation/annual leaves.
Filling out sick list.
 Explication and consultation on Kazakh labour legislation.